Talk to our expert Jack!  He can give advice on all comfortable footwear.  With our foot scan machine Jack can determine things about your feet that you never knew and can change your life forever by pairing you with the appropriate orthotics to help make your feet happy!  Get a foot scan today or try a pair of any of our other comfortable shoes!

Aetrex Albert is a revolutionary, 3D foot scanner. It captures unmatched data and information about the feet, allowing you to make more educated buying decisions when it comes to footwear and orthotic purchases. Featuring 18 digital cameras, 960 infrared LEDs and receptors and over 5,000 gold plated sensors, Albert offers the most sophisticated, interactive, in-store scanning experience to date.  Aetrex is able to translate complete data to produce an orthotic that matches precisely to the individual’s foot. The result is the most accurate custom orthotic on the market today. Stop in to get your feet on the right track to living comfortably!


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